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Invitation for investors in golf projects in Croatia

Were you considering the possibility of investment in golf projects in Croatia?


Feel free to contact us and consequently learn more about current projects in various stages of realization.

We note that all of these projects, besides the realization of golf related contents, predict realization of numerous accompanying contents (hotels, houses, villas, sports - recreational contents).


Considering more than 25 years of our involvement in the developement of golf projects in Croatia, we have the most contacts and information about almost all of the projects in Croatia. Nonetheless, we participated in many of these projects and are currently actively working on their realization.


Thus, we recommend the following projects:


  1. Resort Varaždinske Toplice

  2. Golf project Brseč (near Opatije)

  3. Golf project Duga Resa

  4. Golf project Zaprešić

  5. Golf project Fratarska šuma (Novigrad in Istria)

  6. Golf & Country Club Zagreb (purchase of realized project)


Find more about the above projects under tab "Planning, design and construction"

Contact us:

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