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First conference of golf tourism in Croatia

First ever conference of golf toursim in Croatia was held in Poreč, on 28 and 29 of May. The conference was located in Hotel Laguna Parentium. The conference was held under sponsorship of Ministry of Toursim of Croatia, Croatian Chamber of Economy, Croatian Olympic Committee, Central State Office for Sport and The city of Poreč. 

One of the goals of the conference was to inform and educate all interested parties about one of the most competitive and most profitable form of tourism. Furthermore, the goal was to create positive public perception of golf development, which has a lot of influence on golf developing policy in Croatia. Moreover, purpose of the conference was to educate an administration (local and state) about certain aspects of golf to accelerate the processes of issuing necessary solutions, licences and other jobs needed to constract golf course and attract investors. 

The conference theme ("Perspective of golf offer development in Croatia") is extremely atractive and inovative to Croatian sport. It causes great interest of wider public and media, revitalizes sport tourism and croatian economy through sport, as it gathers many reputable names of croatian athletes and turistic employees and bussinesmen.

Except of panel discussion, Dražen Slamar actively participated in the conference by helding a lecture about Economic impacts of Poreč golf destination. Second day of conferece he, along with help of Croatian golf national team member Diego Žužić, leaded short school of golf on a small golf ground in Green Laguna. The conference was organised by Lux Promotion, and the following pictures are taken from their Facebook profile. Presentation of Mr Slamar can be found here, and entire document Economic impacts of Poreč golf destination can be found here.

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