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2nd Congres of Sports Tourism (2016) - Golf tourism

Following a successful participation at the 1st Congress in 2015, Dražen Slamar was invited to lecture on topic of Golf Tourism in 2016 as well.

2nd Congress of Sports Tourism was held in Makarska from 11th to 12th of November, 2016.

This years Congress witnessed even higher number of participating experts than last years, and accompanied by even greater number of guests. Many participants showed great interest for lecture on Golf Tourism, which extended beyond one hour due to the Q&A.

This years lecture was validated and strengthened by extensive valuable information in regards to the golf destination Belek (Antalya, Turkey). Author himself visited Belek Resort weeks prior to Congress and reported valuable information.

In addition, Action Plan for Development of Golf Tourism in Croatia was exclusively announced during the lecture. The Plan is in the development stage in cooperation with Tourism Institute of Croatia.

Entire text of the lecture can be found here.


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