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Location of the Golf project Brseč is in the jurisdiction of Moščenićka Draga Municipality. This location is being planned for number of years. Hence, D.S. Golf is in cooperation with the Municipality from the begining of the initiative 20 years ago.


Following the listing of the Golf project by the Municipality in the municipial and county spatial documentation, we created Spatial study of the golf course zone for them. We suggested, in cooperation with TISSA company, the following contents: golf course with 18 holes, golf house with hotel section, maintenance building and smaller objects (pump station, small tee-off starting houses, resting places, covered driving range).


We also made an analysis of the watering concept with the average needed amount of water and securing the water sources. In cooperation with Kačičliden Landscape Architects we prepared a landscape valorization for the overall coverage area.

Company 3LHD made a conceptual design for the tourism zone, planned alongside the golf course zone. The company also created conceptual designs for the objects within the golf zone (golf house with a hotel, houses and villas).


Spatial study of the Golf Zone was translated to English, thus giving our foreign participants the opportunity to familiarize with the project.

Continuing cooperation is expected on the realization of the following documentation: preliminary business plan, etc.


Project is located in Brseč, on the east coast of Istria. Brseč belongs to the Municipality Mošćenička Draga. Situated approx. 20 kilometers from Opatija, it is constituent part of Liburnija Riviera , significantly developed tourism region.


Presentation of golf project Brseč (03.06.2016.)
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