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Planiranje i projektiranje

Varaždinske Toplice

As requested by the City of Varaždinske Toplice, in cooperation with companies TISSA and APE, we have created Spatial Study in 2014 for the zones of tourism, - greenery, sport and recreation -, golf, residential zone and Manor Pišćanovec. In addition, we made a summary of the given study and translated it to English; thus, making it available to all potential parties involved in the project.

In the study, we predicted the realization of various contents by given zones. Some of the most important ones are:

1. Tourism zone: Hotel, apartment houses, outdoor and indoor pools, entertainment center, shops, park.

2. Zone of greenery, sport and recreation: aquapark, sports hall, soccer center, camp, many other sports-recreational contents.

3. Residential zones: 50-60 houses and villas in two zones.

4. Golf zone: golf course with 18 holes, academy, golf house with hotel section, maintenance building, approx. 30 houses and villas.

5. Manor Pišćanovec: restoration of old house located by the golf course.


In 2015, with a number of associates, we have made a preliminary business plan for the above zones. Preliminary business plan as a whole was translated into English.

The plan includes the assessment of investments by zones, as well as a unified overall investment. We have created a projection of the possible return on investment (ROI). Also, we made a preliminary projection of the business through 20 year period.


In early 2016, the law firm has made Property-legal analysis of the entire coverage area.
In February of 2016, we presented the project to potential investors. Thus, below are photos from the presentation held to potential investors from Sweden and China.


Varaždinske Toplice are located in Northern Croatia, near Varaždin. Location of the project is only 2 kilometers from the highway Budimpešta-Varaždin-Zagreb-Jadran. Varaždinske Toplice are the oldest Croatian spas with 2000 years of history.


Presentation of golf project Varaždinske Toplice
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