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We initiated the return of golf to Brijuni  in 1991. In the late 1992 we led the reconstruction of the selected 9 holes from the old course on Brijuni (built in 1922).


In January of 1993 we organized the first historical golf tournament in independent Croatia. In October of the same year we organized, also historical, 1st Individual Championship of Croatia.

With a help of the reconstruction of the Brijuni course and organization of these tournaments, Croatian Golf Association was addmited to the European Golf Association (EGA) already in 1993.


Since 1993, on this golf course, we organized numerous historical tournaments such as Croatian Golf League (still active) since 1994 and Winter Golf League since 2000.


During first years we actively led the operation of golf on Brijuni and are currently in successful cooperation with the same.


Below are couple of photos from the beautiful Brijuni golf course.



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