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Zaprešić, Novi dvori

As requested from the City of Zaprešić in 2002, we realized a first stage of Conceptual and Main project of Golf Project „Novi Dvori“ in Zaprešić.

From 2002 to 2004 we managed the construction of the Golf center „Novi Dvori“ which officially opened on the “Day of the City” 16.10.2004. This project is the first public golf facility in Croatia.

Golf center holds Driving Range (DR), Putting Green, Chipping green with bunker, and three PAR 3 holes. In addition, we restored the club house, constructed the covered area on the DR, pump station, maintenance buildings, children’s playground, paths and walkways.                                                                                                                                                                           

Special attraction is the lighting of entire golf project which allows practice and play after sunset.

During the initial years, we ran the operation of the Golf Center and educated all necessary staff. We continued this cooperation until today by organizing various golf activities and contents.

Since 2005, on few occasions we completed Conceptual designs of the entire Golf Resort which will hold 27 holes, club house, hotel, accommodating units, other various sports contents. In the creation of this documentation we cooperated with an excellent global design company – Robert Trent Jones from the USA.


Golf Center Zaprešić is located 20 km from Zagreb. Hence, it presents a great potential for the project with its approx. 800,000 citizens and 1,000 golfers. Golf Club (Ban Jelačić) from Zaprešić is one of the top quality Golf Clubs in Croatia with around 150 players.


Pictures below present the realized projects of the first phase, as well as the projects of the planned future project. We also added a couple of photos of the existing Golf center “Novi Dvori” and photos of preparatory works on the future golf resort.


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