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Sv. Martin on Mura River

Spa Sv. Martin decided to realize its golf contents in 2006. Upon their request, we made complete project documentation (Conceptual and Main design for all Golf contents). In addition, we participated in the creation of project documentation for the Golf House. From 2007 to 2009 we managed the construction of all Golf contents: Golf course with 9 (PAR 3 and PAR 4) holes, Driving Range (DR), covered section of the DR, putting green, chipping green with bunker, maintenance building, pump station.


Unique specifications of this golf center are: tees and greens with artificial grass, heated greens on the golf course and on the practice facility, illumination of the practice area and 4 holes of the golf course, DR with heaters. All of the above allows year-round use and late evening use throughout the year. After the realization of the golf contents, we organized the operations of the golf center and educated the belonging staff. Below, you can find the Golf center scheme and several photos of the existing golf contents.


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