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Planning, design, construction and management

D.S. Golf has over 25 years of experience in planning and designing of golf projects in Croatia. We have the highest number of realized projects. We are capable, per investors request, of leading every project from its initial concept to its business operations after it has been realized. We are the only company grouping in Croatia that offers "turnkey" solution to our projects.


We can realize golf projects of various kinds and sizes: from small backyard greens and golf boxes, smaller and moderate size golf centers, to top quality golf courses with 9, 18 or more holes.

Besides golf contets, we are planning, designing and constructing common accompanying contents: golf house, maintenance building, pump station, covered DR, starting tee-off house, resting places, access roads, parking lots, etc.

Same holds for other toursm-accommodative objects: hotel, houses, villas, apartments, various sports-recreational contents, etc.


Find below the list of our projects, realized to the various degrees: from spatial plannnings to fully constructed projects. For more information on the given project, please click on the link(s) below.

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