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  • Planning of golf projects and accompanying contents

  • Designing golf courses and accompanying contents

  • Obtaining all necessary permits

  • Construction management and on-sight control

  • Golf course maintenance

  • Golf course management and operations

  • Organization of all golf and accompanying activities


D.S. Golf j.d.o.o.

D.S. Golf is the leading Croatian company in golf industry, offering a wide specter of services: consulting, planning, design, construction, educating staff, business organization and management, etc. In 25 years of operation, we have the highest number of realized projects in Croatia. This website contains a wide display of our services and successful projects.

We hold a unique position on the Croatian market with "turnkey" model of business. We made this possible by gathering a wide group of permanent and temporary associates with whom we cooperate for many years now. Most relevant associates are presented in the text below, and their contacts can be found under "Contacts" tab.

We have experience with all tyes of clients: private investors, developers, municipalities, cities, counties, state-owned companies and agencies, private companies, sports clubs, county level sport associations, national sports associations, etc.


TISSA d.o.o.

Studio TISSA was founded in Poreč in 1991. During years of its influence, the studio received nummerous awards and recognitions. 

In 200, TISSA signed a contract and started business cooperation with partnering office in Zagreb.

Experience of architectural office TISSA is based on many years of projects in the domains of architecture, interior design, public and residential buildings, golf courses and tourism-hospitality and office buildings.

In the working process with investors, we are involved entirely. Starting with the initial conversations and sketches that define a project assignment, through the development of the entire project documentation to monitoring the realization, and all the way through the actual realization of the project. In the meantime, we advise investors on the legislation required by the profession and take care of the given budget.

The company TISSA employs 12 professionals: architects, designers, 3D designers and construction crew.


KačičLidén Landscape Architects

The office of landscape architecture is specialised in high-end resort, golf and residential design, integrating art, architecture and landscape. Founded by two landscape architects, Romana Kačič from Slovenia and Mattias Lidén from Sweden, the activity is international with a focus on Italy, Slovenia and Croatia. The office have a particular attention and experience of coastal landscapes, in the Mediterranean, Sicily and Sardinia, and on several locations on the Adriatic Sea.

Kačič and Lidén have contributed to the designs of several award-winning projects.


APE d.o.o.

The company APE d.o.o. is registered for the performance of architectural design and the development of spatial planning documents. It has a license issued directly from the competent ministry to perform these functions.

The company carries professional and technical ability, knowledge, equipment, devices and tools necessary for management, professional licenses, business reputation and adequate professional employed staff.

The designers of the APE d.o.o. company, as licensed architects, are registered in the Croatian Chamber of Architects. The APE d.o.o. employes 5 architects and 1 biologist. The company is working closely with other reputable design companies, professional associates and institutions.

The APE d.o.o.  company is entirely in private ownership.


A.I.M. Natura d.o.o.

A.I.M. Natura company offers services for landscaping and development of various green areas. It is specialized in installation and maintenance of the watering system. It has more than 20 years of experience in these areas, from smallest projects - lots and infields around the houses, to the large sports fields and accordingly, golf courses.


Vanja golf d.o.o.

Offers following sservices: golf lessons, trainings, organization, consulting, playing golf on Brijuni.

The person carrying out these services is PGA Professional Vanja Nikolić.


Golf Services j.d.o.o.
Company "Golf Services" covers an important segment of business which acts as continuation of golf services of all companies listed above.

Golf Services is specialized in operational business of golf associations in Croatia, from Clubs to National Associations.


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